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The Bands

Kleivan, Lofoten islands, Norway

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The seaside sauna is made up of three wooden bands that stagger up over the rocky terrain. The project is located at the end of the quay, aiming for a sensitive relation with the landscape and a direct contact with the water.

Named The Bands, the structure comprises a trio of two-dimensional profiles. These sit side by side, creating the forms of a sauna building, a picnic terrace and a sunken hot tub, all boasting views over a Norwegian mountain landscape.

The arrangement of the three bands makes the building look like three separate cabins, referencing the three existing buildings on the quay – a fisherman’s cottage, a cod liver oil production building and a cod salting building.

Longitudinal section
Plan view


A timelapse of the construction.

A short documentary about the construction.

Project details

University project, AHO Oslo School of Architecture, Norway

January – May 2015

Kleivan, Lofoten islands, Norway

Photography by Jonas Aare Sommarset and Maria Årthun

Dezeen: ‘Oslo architecture students build a wooden sauna that steps over the Norwegian landscape’
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