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Circular Economy in Brazil

Research at the Dutch consulate general in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (2017)

The expertise that is being built up in the Netherlands in the field of Circular Economy has been identified by the Dutch government as an opportunity for export. At the Dutch consulate in Rio de Janeiro I mapped out the opportunities for Dutch companies in Brazilian industries.

The following scheme provides an overview of past, present and future activities to stimulate trade between the Netherlands and Brazil in the context of the Circular Economy concept. Activities involve:

  1. Information: awareness raising of the Circular Economy concept
  2. Innovation: knowledge development
  3. Implementation: business and policies
Roadmap Circular Economy Netherlands Brazil

Clothing industry

The clothing industry was identified as focus sector, considering the greater environmental awareness in this sector in Brazil.

To close the cycle in a future clothing system, six areas for innovation were identified, based on reports by Modint (2016) and Ellen MacArthur Foundation (2017).

Lingerie confection in Nova Friburgo

Opportunities for implementation of CE practices were identified for the lingerie confection industry in a neighboring city of Rio de Janeiro, Nova Friburgo. Companies here have to deal with large amounts of cut-off waste.

Seven companies were visited to map out the problem and to identify the opportunities for the implementation of Dutch circularity solutions.

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Specifically for the case of the Nova Friburgo lingerie confection, three main types of innovation have the potential to turn wasted resources into value.

Full research report

The report ‘Circular Economy Netherlands – Brazil’ includes a summary on the first pages.

Project details

Research project
Internship at the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs

August 2017 – February 2018

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil