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I work on the intersection of architectural design and urban metabolism studies.

Urban metabolism studies are crucial to understand the built environment and its underlying networks and systems, but outcomes are often not tangible or directed towards implementable solutions.

Architectural design, on the other hand, focuses on the solutions, but how these interventions relate to the underlying real (environmental) impacts are often not measured or validated.

I’m convinced that these two disciplines are complementary to each other to build better, more sustainable cities.

My most recent completed project is Panorama Paquetá, about a Brazilian island located in the polluted bay in Rio de Janeiro. The result is a long-term strategy to improve the environmental state of the island, combined with sensitive heritage-based placemaking.

CV Lodewijk Luken

2019-present Superuse Studios, Rotterdam
2018 TU Delft, chair of Urban Area Development
2017 Dutch consulate in Rio de Janeiro (internship)
2015 Superuse Studios (internship)
2014 Atelier Metropolitano, Rio de Janeiro (internship)

2015-2019 Msc. Architecture, TU Delft (exchange AHO Oslo, Norway)
2016-2017 Msc. Industrial Ecology, TU Delft (unfinished)
2010-2013 Bsc. Architecture, TU Delft (exchange TU Graz, Austria)

Impressions and experiences during multiple design, construction and research projects in Brazil between 2014 and present have influenced me greatly.

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Phone: +31 6 4987 4965