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About me

Trained as both architect and industrial ecologist, I combine design thinking with an analytical approach towards environmental urban challenges. I’m convinced that these two disciplines are complementary to build better, more sustainable cities.

My island-project Panorama Paquetá is very much exemplary for the work I do. The outcome of the project is a long-term urban strategy to improve the environmental state of the island, combined with sensitive heritage-based placemaking through architectural design.

Experiences during multiple design, construction and research projects that I have undertaken in Brazil since 2014 have influenced me greatly.

CV Lodewijk Luken

2019-present Superuse Studios, Rotterdam
2019-present ABT, Delft
2018 TU Delft, Urban Area Development
2017 Dutch consulate in Rio de Janeiro (internship)
2015 Superuse Studios (internship)
2014 Atelier Metropolitano, Rio de Janeiro (internship)

2015-2019 Msc. Architecture, TU Delft (exchange AHO Oslo, Norway)
2016-2017 Msc. Industrial Ecology, TU Delft (unfinished degree)
2010-2013 Bsc. Architecture, TU Delft (exchange TU Graz, Austria)


Phone: +31 6 4987 4965